8 Things to Include in a Birth Plan

A birth plan details what will happen during your pregnancy and delivery. It is primarily meant for the healthcare team so that they can do things your way. Generally, the birth plan includes things that you consider essential. Moreover, every person has their preferences, medical conditions, and circumstances. Although you can write your birth plan on any material or device, it’s good to get a form from your doctor. Here are the main things that you should include in your birth plan:

  1. Your Personal Details

Many things will happen when you go into labor. Your family may rush you to the hospital without knowledge of your birth plan. You may also not be able to explain the details of your birth plan when you are in labor. Consequently, it is important to include all your details in the birth plan. This way, the delivery nurses and doctor will know your condition and your preferences.

  1. Primary Support Person

While there will be many people during your labor, there needs to be one person in charge of everything. The person can be your husband or partner, sibling, mother, or trusted friend. After writing down the primary support person, you can also identify the people who will be in the room when you are giving birth. For example, you can specify that only your partner and the medical staff should be present. Other people prefer to include their siblings and friends in the list.

  1. Identify the Room

You can start designing the place where you will give birth. Everything in that room should meet your preferences. If you want dim lights, make sure to include them in the room. When it comes to the furniture, you might want to do it yourself to save money especially when you have woods and tools. You can check out bestcabinettablesaw.com/12-inch-miter-reviews/ for some tools that might be helpful to prepare the room. ¬†Similarly, you can give directions on whether there should be music playing during the delivery. Another thing that you should take into consideration is where you’ll be giving birth. You can decide to give birth in a shower or the tub. The room where you will be giving birth is very important as it needs to have all the things you will need and it has to give you comfort while giving birth. Additionally, you can choose to wear a hospital gown or specific clothing.

  1. Pain Relief

This is one of the most important things that you should consider. Many people want medicated delivery where the labor pain is brought under control through medication. Other people just want to deliver without any pain relief medication. Once you have specified the type of medication, you will also explain post-delivery care. You may want to walk around the room or ward after you have given birth.

  1. The Birth Itself

You are allowed to suggest positions for pushing. Therefore, it is vital to do a little research online about the latest pushing positions. Alternatively, you can suggest a previous position for pushing if you add another birth.

You should also specify your thoughts about the standard equipment used during delivery. For example, how do things such as vacuums, forceps, and episiotomy make you feel? You can even suggest the person who will be cutting the cord.

  1. Comfort Measures

There are many medical operations for pain relief and management. Things such as peanut balls, essential oils, music, and massage can relieve pain during delivery. Similarly, immersing yourself in warm water can reduce labor pains.

  1. Medical Interventions

Although you may not be familiar with the many procedures during delivery, you can’t suggest your preferences. It is vital to work with your doctor in understanding the different medicines, procedures, and fluids. Your doctor can explain how each fluid works and if it’s necessary.

After extensive deliberation with your doctor, you can include some of these fluids and medicines in your birth plan. For example, you can state whether you want a vaginal birth or a C-section delivery. It’s also important to keep in mind that even though your doctor will try to follow your outline, they may have to undertake extra precautions when the medical situation changes.

  1. Newborn Procedures

You will need extensive newborn procedures. For example, you can specify Vitamin K shots and PKU testing. If you have been told that you will be delivering a boy, what are your thoughts about circumcision? Some mothers choose to have their baby boys circumcised immediately.

You also need to specify where your child will be staying after birth. You can choose to sleep with him or her in your room, or you can opt for the nursery. These are just some of the few things that will be included in your newborn preferences list. However, you can include several other things such as intensive care plans and Cesarean section procedures.

It’s also crucial to review this plan after the delivery is complete. You can identify what worked and what went wrong. This will help your nurses to determine your situation in the current birth and any future delivery.


You will be better off with a birth plan. The mere presence of a birth plan increases confidence and self-motivation. Furthermore, it can come in handy when unexpected things happen during pregnancy or delivery.