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The pregnancy period starts from conception and ends after delivery of your baby. In some instances, it can extend to when your body returns to the state it was before you got pregnant. The entire process will last about 40 to 42 weeks. We will be with you for the whole of the 42 weeks. Our articles will answer all your questions and show you what to do when you face nagging questions.

The pbjstories.com started in 2013. It was intended to help new mothers during their pregnancy days. Pamela has managed to publish over 500 articles covering pregnancy, childcare, conception, and maternal health. She has also created hundreds of videos explaining the process of pregnancy and postnatal care.

Her videos provide step-by-step analysis and advice on the pregnancy process, from the first month to childbirth. She also visits maternity wards to talk to mothers who have had problems during delivery. She attributes her successful delivery of two children to her midwifery experience.

Going Through Pregnancy Without Breaking the Bank

Now that you have prepared yourself for any eventuality, it is time to put your finances in order. This is the time when people make catastrophic financial mistakes. If you’re not careful, you may waste a lot of money on unnecessary things.  For the first trimester, you can reduce your finances by planning for later expenses. It would be best if you recorded every penny and set aside petty cash for emergencies.

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Brief History of the Writer Pamela Johnson

Pamela B. Johnson is a lifestyle coach and a medical doctor. She specializes in pregnancy, from the start to the end. Pamela graduated from New York University with a degree in midwifery and medical science. She was a nurse at the Buffalo clinic for 15 years before she decided to quit and start a lifestyle website. Pamela believes that becoming a mother is one of the most sacred things in life. However, it can be a daunting task for new mothers. That is why she has helped hundreds of mothers deliver children successfully.

Various family-oriented organizations have recognized her work. In 2018, she won the family protector achievement award for her outstanding social work. Pamela is married with two children and one grandchild. Her family life is what keeps her healthy.

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